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Centaur Solutions Ltd. - Company Information - Software Process Division

    Centaur Solutions is a diversified engineering company offering a complete design and supply service for computer-related hardware, software or systems to OEMs and integrators. Located in Cambridge, England, the company has four operating divisions:  



    Software Process Development

    The challenge for the software industry at large is to create the right software on schedule and within budget, time after time.  Few companies achieve this objective but a well designed Software Process can be a major step forward.  Based on internal developments, Centaur Solutions has developed a complete software process which embodies the latest thinking including Rapid Application Development.  This process is particularly suited to projects in which the requirements may evolve during the development of the software.  It provides a flexible framework offering control and traceability without impacting creativity or implementation speed.  Training and development courses are available to help companies formalize their software development practises, within the context of their existing teams to improve the timeliness, and quality of software developments. 

    Project management and marketing support

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