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Centaur Solutions Ltd. - Company Information - Project Management Division

    Centaur Solutions is a diversified engineering company offering a complete design and supply service for computer-related hardware, software or systems to OEMs and integrators. Located in Cambridge, England, the company has four operating divisions:  



    Software Process Development

    Project management and marketing support

      Project management is provided either on a per-project or consultancy basis.  Projects may include, but are not limited to, those for which Centaur Solutions is also providing the software resource.  The project management function comprises technical and commercial strands including creation of specifications, project planning and budgeting, interactions with other in-house developments, information on statutory requirements and licencing, QA, formal sign-off and on-going support management.
      Closely linked to the project management function, marketing support may extend from strategic market analysis through promotion and interfacing with internal sales and marketing teams to the provision of full launch plans and literature suites.

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