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Centaur Solutions Ltd. - A History

    Centaur Solutions Ltd. was formed in 1992 to meet the needs of companies who wish to develop software but who do not want to take on the overhead of creating and managing software teams.  Unlike software contractors, Centaur Solutions provides a managed software development service, working closely with customers to convert application requirements into engineering descriptions and software products. 

    Using an iterative software development process, customers are kept firmly "in the loop" and able to review the development as it unfolds without the need to become involved in the specifics of the software, process or computer system on which it runs - leaving management free to do what they do best, managing the business. 

    Since its inception the company has grown rapidly and now offers a diversified capability in software, hardware and  systems development as well as training and support on specific aspects including Project Management and Software Development. 

    Recently, the company has developed specific areas of expertise in niche application markets including Over the Counter Options trading and data manipulation for the oil field Exploration and Production (E&P) sectors.

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